XRie \'x • ree\ : n 1 : the author of this X-Files fanfic 2 : an obsessed phile specializing in UST and MSR stories; also : someone who, despite her optical abilities, will not reveal the color of your underwear ...

A Touch in the Microcosm • 19 k • UST • No spoilers : A tremor experienced as two worlds merge. Often it's the little things that shake a universe ... Originally posted 6/7/00

His Breath in the Wind • 4 k • V, SA • No spoilers : A different sort of M/S communication. Character death, but ... Originally posted 5/9/00

A Greater Intelligence • 12 k • implied MSR • Spoilers for all things, Closure, hints of Herrenvolk and Redux II : all things post-ep. A late-night conversation about God, etc. Originally posted 4/13/00

Verbal Intoxication • 11 k • MSR • Spoilers for En Ami and Memento Mori : How did Mulder know that the e-mail responses to Cobra weren't Scully's? The revelation and its aftermath. Originally posted 3/24/00

Glovebox Heart • 10 k • UST • No spoilers : A confrontation between a tired Mulder and Scully. Will they ever wake up on the same page? Originally posted 3/13/00

Estrogen Revenge • 9 k • MSR • Spoilers for First Person Shooter : Boys will be boys, but Scully's estrogen needs expression. If this were a songfic, Colonel Pickering and the butler would sing to Professor Higgins, and Eliza Doolittle would get mad. Luckily, there is no singing in this story. But Scully does get mad. Originally posted 2/29/00

Tyson Fight • 20 k • MSRish • No spoilers : Fluffy like popcorn, but not sappy like that red, candied popcorn stuff. Mulder coaxes Scully into watching the Tyson fight with him and the Lone Gunmen. They talk about trivial things and flirt. Mulder wears a black t-shirt, and Scully thinks about Tennyson and brussels sprouts. Stuff like that. Originally posted 2/10/00

Dissecting Teena • 12 k • MSR • Spoilers for Sein Und Zeit; references to Memento Mori and Elegy : Teena Mulder is more than a slab of meat in the autopsy bay. She is Mulder. Traumatic for Scully? You bet. Originally posted 2/8/00

Mind Sweeper • 5 k • UST • Spoilers for The Sixth Extinction : Mulder struggles against reading Scully's mind. What he finds there. Originally posted 11/10/99


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